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Simple Digital is a digital branding and web design agency helping businesses discover new streams of revenue with disruptive and effective digital marketing strategies.

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Consulting • Identity • Strategy

Branding defines a business. Wether an entrepreneur, speaker, or corporation, great branding is of the upmost importance for a successful venture. Branding is more than just marketing; it’s a creation of a lasting brand that will make your business the first in mind for your consumer. Simple Digital is the perfect digital branding partner. We’ve successfully branded dozens of local Jersey City and New York City companies and entrepreneurs, who all came to us and expressed their passion to reach others across the country and the world. Simple Digital is the answer to the next generation of digital branding.

PPC Ads • Social Media • Wifi Marketing

Digital Marketing is exactly that: marketing digitally. Simple Digital has a team of highly experienced professionals that has helped businesses strategize and implement successful and effective digital marketing techniques. From social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to pay-per-click ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Simple Digital can help anyone reach their audience with any budget. Businesses trust Simple Digital with their digital marketing goals because we are always ahead of the competition (check out Wifi marketing!) and we are always improving the results.

Free SSL • Website Storage • Secure

Every business and individual needs a dedicated website hosting partner. Simple Digital offers hosting plans with free SSL, free security monitoring, CPanel access, and plentiful of other features all AD-free to unleash your website’s fullest potential. We’re are the first and only digital branding agency in Jersey City, NJ and New York City, NY to offer such competitively-low hosting pricing. We’ve added all the good benefits of hosting with larger hosting sites and simplified it with friendly client support and easy signup.

Design • SEO • Performance

Simple Digital are experts in website development and design. We give brands and businesses a fresh look with complete flexibility and always within budget. Furthermore, we go beyond the front-end of website design and use propriety techniques and tools to achieve great SEO results, which means 1st page results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing with any keyword. From custom pages, to WordPress and Shopify developments, our team is highly experience in designing and developing websites.

 The history of

 Simple Digital

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Simple Digital is a group of young and experienced digital experts. We know the field and feel more than confident into changing everything about it. Simple Digital is here to disrupt the digital world for the better.

Simple Digital’s

History and Mission

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Simple Digital was founded in 2017 on the idea of simplifying everything within a digital marketing firm. We were established in Jersey City, NJ by two previously successful entrepreneurs, William Doepp and Alana Schuppert. To date, Simple Digital is the only digital branding agency in Jersey City. It is also one of only five digital branding agencies within the NYC metro-area.


Together, Will and Alana took all of their past experience working with design and created a hybrid agency providing both branding and digital marketing services; a boutique digital branding agency dedicated to serving both local and nationwide businesses. Soon after Simple Digital was established, our agency began partnering with familiar corporations such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook to further improve our services and further improve the quality of work that our clients receive. Simple Digital became the negotiator between the large firms and small businesses, offering ad discounts and the newest tools and training materials that can be given to our clients for a better return on investment.

Digital marketing is changing. The popularity of advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp make it harder for businesses to keep up with the changes. Simple Digital has a mission to make digital marketing and branding simpler, effective, and cheaper for every business.


Second to that, We prefer to get our own skin in the game too, which is why we front the budgeting bill and re-invest more of what we take back into your brand. Simple Digital is more than just a branding agency — we’re digital partners.

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