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From social media ads to engaging management, Simple Digital helps business grow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more on any budget.

Social Media

Solutions that Work

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Pages • Verification• Shopping

Facebook is the largest social media site with over 2 billion users. Out of those users are a few thousand (and more!) that have an interest in your business. Simple Digital helps restaurants and businesses with building their page, posting intelligent and engaging content, and communicating and monitoring your fans. Facebook makes it easy to grow a company’s brand.


Branding • Management • Ads

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is the second most-popular social media platform. Using Instagram for your business gives your fans a visual understanding of your principles and products. For years, our team at Simple Digital has strategically built and managed Instagram profiles for businesses, celebrities, and pets. We are experts at building a brand and producing engaging content that helps grow a company digitally.


Verification • Engagement • Followers

Arguably the 3rd most popular social media platform, Twitter is a great platform to share company announcements and address customer concerns. Simple Digital

and more…

Pinterest • Snapchat • WeChat

Everyday, new social media and chat platforms are built. Simple Digital stays on top of every-new and will consult your company if there is a platform you need to be on.

We are unique

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Every social media agency has their own process to social media. At Simple Digital, we’re all about simplifying the process.

Our Process

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Understanding your philosophy.

Before we can market your service, brand, or persona, Simple Digital must understand what unique qualities drive your revenue, because exemplifying your business is all what digital marketing is about. For example, every restaurant has a theme, and not every same-themed restaurant is the same, so would customers prefer one over the other? Online marketing solves this decision for your targeted market.

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What you need and don't need.

Many firms will drown you in services you don't need. Referring back to our summary, Simple Digital was created because other firms love wasting other people's time and money promoting businesses and brands on platforms they're not benefiting from. We use this step to narrow down what platform and ad-stream will best benefit you.

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What to expect.

Once we've finalized a digital marketing plan together, we leverage both public and proprietary software to fine-tune ads, PR, social media, and anything in-between. Using our client portal, you'll be able to see real-time updates, trends, budget reports, ROI reports, and many more useful data all for your taking and consideration. There'll never be a moment you'll be asking yourself, ``what is Simple Digital doing with our money``.

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Adapting to a digital world.

Not all plans work at first. And while other plans may work in the beginning, they may not work a second time. After executing our digital marketing plan, this step focuses on quality assurance and adaptability. Markets change overtime; budgets may be ineffective; the world adapts to new trends, and Simple Digital will help guide your business, brand, or persona all without changing your goal in mind.

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Optimize and Watch

After a successful strategy, we continually optimize only the unimpressive results and constantly monitor every campaign we have.

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