Wifi Marketing

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Using WiFi, Simple Digital gathers your customers’ public data and delivers both the data available and the analytics that comes with it.

What is

Wifi Marketing?

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Emails • Names • Usage

When a customer chooses your WiFi network, they will be sent a beautiful login portal where they’ll choose to either sign-in using Facebook, Google, or email. When they do, you’ll have their information such as their name, date of birth, email, gender, likes and dislikes, and anything publicly available.


Activity • Demographics • Insights

After your customers quickly and easily sign on, you’ll not only have their profile data, but insights to their usage behavior. Clients who use Simple Digital WiFi Marketing will know the male-to-female ratio, their age groups, their time usage and how many visits, and so much more.


Re-market • On-site Communication • Email

Simple Digital doesn’t stop there. There are 3 different ways our clients can directly, and in real-time, market to their visiting customers: email, instant messaging, and re-marketing using Adwords and Facebook Pixel — all conveniently automated.

How does

WiFi Marketing work?

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It’s the easiest marketing tool you’ll use and understand.

Beautiful, custom

Customer Portal

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After Simple Digital adjusts your WiFi network, your customers will be displayed a beautiful, completely custom login page when they connect to your WiFi network.

Social Media Login

It is now easier than ever for your customers to login, all while adding infinite value to your business.

Custom Login Forms

Want to ask your customers for more or less information? No problem. Our custom portal is 100% customization to get whatever data you want.

Custom Login

We are confident in accurate data, so we've make sure to include a custom login to differentiate between your staff and customers.

Simple Digital


Analytics Portal

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Only you can see the demographics, names, emails, and more about your customers.

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Network Activity

See the current devices connected, number of times a customer has visited, and their activity.


Know your customers' age, name, profiles, gender, email and more!

Automatically Remarket

You know who comes into your store and the times -- now market them more specifically and accurately.

Hire Simple Digital as your

WiFi Marketing Partner

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