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Website design is the digital storefront for all businesses and individuals. Simple Digital can transform your ideas into a beautiful reality.

Website Design & Development

Solutions that Work

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Website Design

Content Creation • Consultation • Design

A website is a digital storefront for businesses. Every word, color, and content matters. Simple Digital has been designing websites for years, even before our company started, our team members had designed and built over 100 custom websites.

Website Development

WordPress • Shopify • Custom

Just like design, website development takes content and colors and builds a beautiful website custom or on platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.


Consultation • Link Building • Content

SEO, meaning search engine optimization, is tricky. Basically, SEO is a passive service provided by many agencies like ourselves. It involves placing correct tags, link-building, and engaging content to organically rank on Google. Even with good content, a website can still suffer from SEO ranking. Simple Digital is a team of SEO experts. We’ve successful brought websites from the 7th page of Google to the first in under 3 months and under budget.

Website Hosting

Free SSL • No Ads • Unlimited

In order to connect your website to the world wide web, your website files need to be secured in a cloud for servers to access, which is the basic summary of hosting. Simple Digital offers our clients secured hosting for the fraction of the cost than the “bigger guys” do, and it’s twice as encrypted for your safety.

How much is Simple Digital’s

Website Design?

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Our professional team of designers and coders are affordable for any business. Simple Digital is known to work within any budget.

Our Process

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Your position vs. the competition.

Brand positioning is crucial when creating a branding strategy. This is the initial step in creating a clear identification of your company's strengths and points of difference. This step ensures that organization is clear about key competitive advantages, and defines what it is that you offer, do, and promise for your clients. This is a step that is constantly evolving and developing as your brand grows.

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Brand Idea

What your brand stands for.

Building a brand idea is showing what your brand believes in and stands for. This begins to establish your companies role in people's lives, and ensures that you avoid a dominance of category thinking. Let this become your brands long term rally cry!

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Idea that brings your company to life.

Communication is key to building branding. By creating an active communication idea, your brand will connect vividly with your target customers to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

Hire Simple Digital as your

Website Partner

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