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William D.

April 29th, 2020 ・ 10 min read

COVID-19 & Other News

A company update from the CEO

First and foremost, our team and I wish the best of health to everyone as the world endures through this unprecedented crisis. An increasing number of people are continuing to become victim of this pandemic and I sincerely hope everyone (clients, team members, freelances, and readers) make it through happy and healthy.

With that statement truely in our hearts, I wanted to briefly give an update on the operations at Simple Digital.

1. We are Fully-Operational

From our Upper West Side apartment to 13 offices across 11 states, over the past few years we've seen termendous growth and now... we are back working from our apartments. Jokes aside, since the beginning of March, our team (including myself) have been working from the comfort of our homes servicing all of our clients, past and present.

Although some states are opening up businesses, Simple Digital may delay returning to our offices for a week or two after lockdowns have been lifted. We've always been focused on our client's digital health, now we want to focus on our clients' physical health too.

2. 13 Offices; 11 States

An offical press release was scheduled to publish in early April, but due to COVID-19, myself and a few of our PR team members ultimately decided to delay the official announcement of our new locations; instead, we quietly released the news via the Locations page.

Once these stay-at-home orders are lifted, we'll then schedule a full press release detailing the type of team members (coders, developers, PMs, etc.) working at each location and some of the unique services each location can provide.

We've had a few of these locations for awhile now, so expect to see reviews of some previous clients that have contacted these specific locations and have shared their experiences.

3. Into the Future

Over the next few months, Simple Digital will be launching a few new programs and features for team members, applicants, and newly signed clients.

1. We are launching a new Careers page featuring our work-life, benefits, and open positions. Currently we're using Indeed and will be slowly moving off that platform.

2. We are launching a new client portal created entirely from scratch. In short, clients will be able to view project updates, timelines, analytics, and more. We'll issue a press release on this soon as the features and benefits are enormous.

3. Daily blog posts have been postponed, but will pick up soon.

Stay safe!

- Will

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