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Kristin C.

January 15th, 2020 ・ 5 min read

Best SEO Practices: Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Ranking

These 5-best SEO practices are designed to improve your website’s search rankings. Common optimization practices include researching keywords, on-site optimization, and building backlinks to your website; and although there are millions of ways to rank higher in Google, it's important to learn and apply the fundamentals first. Simple Digital specializes in SEO, but if you're into DIY-ing it yourself, dive into these SEO practices carefully and take notes.

With that said, here are the 5 most vital SEO best practices to understand for 2020.

best seo practices for 2020

1. Add Your Main Keyword Early Within Your Content

It’s no secret that you want to use your keyword a handful of times on your page. But you may not know that the location of your keyword also makes a difference. Specifically, you want to mention your main keyword at least once at the top of your page.

Why does this matter?

Because Google puts more weight on terms that appear at the top of the webpage. For example, take a look back at the top of this page -- what is it about? It's about the top-5 SEO practices. So, to target people (such as yourself) seaching for best SEO practices, I included that first.

2. Write Unique & Better Titles, Descriptions, and Content

Avoiding duplicate content is one of the most important SEO best practices to keep in mind.

In fact, Google has stated that you should avoid "duplicate or near-duplicate verisions of your content across your site."

This rule applies to every peice of content within your website, include: title tags, meta descriptions, eCommerce product tags, alt text, category pages, and landing pages. Basically, when you publish content on your site, it MUST BE unique.

This can be tricky if you own an eCommerce page with thousands of products; creating unique titles and descriptions can be daring if you were to do it yourself. For many eCommerce brands, they choose Simple Digital to help them with it.

3. Optimize Your Site's Loading Speed

Site loading speed are one of those rare ranking factors, because it's something Google doesn't publicly give advice on, but do use to measure metrics.

Simple Digital highly recommends you optimize your site to increase loading time under 2 seconds. To begin, first benchmark your site's current laoding speed. Use PageSpeed Insights Tool provided by Google. It's super easy to use and give you all the recommendations to take.

4. Optimize Images for SEO

If you use images on your page, you'll want to make sure those are optimized for search rankings. Fortunately, this is super easy! Two things to remember: image file name and alternative names. As of the writing of this article, Google can't "see" images (yet, haha), so your filename is crucial to Google. It basically tells Google what the image is. Alt text is simply a description of the image. To add alt text, include alt="image description" to your img tag.

5. Publish Amazing Content

If you've researched SEO best practices before, you may have read about the important of content. And there's a reason why so many blogs and SEO specialists mention it...because it's crucial! Content is king, and clear, consistant content will always win. Simple Digital is one of the few agencies that has content creation as a sole service, because as Google gets smarter with their search engine, eventually only the best content will rank.

So, there you have it, 5 best practices for SEO of 2020! As Google updates their search algorithms throughout the year, we'll publish more articles informing you of any changes and some actions you can take to keep your website ranking high! As always, if you'd prefer to hire a team of SEO specialists, consider Simple Digital.

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Written by Kristin C. in SEO
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