Digital Branding

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Branding defines a business. Wether an entrepreneur, speaker, or corporation; great branding is of the upmost importance for a successful venture. Simple Digital is a great example of good branding!

Digital Branding

Solutions that Work

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Brand Consulting

Science • Language • Advice

8 out of 10 product launches fail within the first 3 months. As a brand consultant, Simple Digital will guide and educate businesses, restaurants, and individuals on the science and language of branding. Brand consulting is where Simple Digital begins to advise and manage over branding goals.

Brand Identity

Purpose • Impression • Positioning

Every company has a purpose and reason for operating; brand identity, much like brand consulting, helps translate a company’s mission to their consumers. Simple Digital has helped businesses identify themselves, and in turn has identified their consumers. Brand identity narrows down your goals.

Brand Strategy

Planning • Organizing • Guiding

After consulting and identifying a brand, Simple Digital helps businesses organize and define a branding strategy that agrees on consistency, involvement, and positioning that will build a brand equity.

Brand Marketing

Implementation • Digital Marketing • QA

After a company, restaurant, or individuals identifies their consumer-base, Simple Digital takes every in and markets the idea on a constant and revolving schedule. From social media to paid ads, every brand will be heard. Learn more about brand marketing here.

We are unique

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Every digital branding agency has their own process to digital branding. At Simple Digital, we’re all about simplifying the process.

Our Process

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Your position vs. the competition.

Brand positioning is crucial when creating a branding strategy. This is the initial step in creating a clear identification of your company's strengths and points of difference. This step ensures that organization is clear about key competitive advantages, and defines what it is that you offer, do, and promise for your clients. This is a step that is constantly evolving and developing as your brand grows.

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Brand Idea

What your brand stands for.

Building a brand idea is showing what your brand believes in and stands for. This begins to establish your companies role in people's lives, and ensures that you avoid a dominance of category thinking. Let this become your brands long term rally cry!

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Idea that brings your company to life.

Communication is key to building branding. By creating an active communication idea, your brand will connect vividly with your target customers to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

We can be your

Digital Branding Partner

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