WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing

Simple Digital now offers real-time insights to the customers you want using the WiFi.


Customer behavior is probably the most important metric to a business owner. Knowing what customers will do next has infinite value, and with the greatest minds at tech companies like Google, IBM, and Amazon (yes, Amazon is a tech company), advertising and tech platforms are getting better at it. With that said, most brick-and-mortars can’t afford the high-tech solutions that these companies are introducing; these solutions don’t have the pre-built framework that most business owners can use.

Digital marketing firms are “experts” at reading and giving metrics.  For example, they’ll tell the owner of a restaurant that they received X amount of clicks to their site, X amount of reviews, X amount of stars, and X amount of return, but nothing beyond that. (And afterwords, send him or her a big invoice). We’re not saying that these metrics aren’t important (they are), but they’re stale. They give passive purpose. Customers are more than a sticker price these days: they have likes and dislikes that are all publicly available on social media platforms; customers have names, birthdays, and habits. Wouldn’t it be nice to see that data, then use that data to keep driving them in? (Yes.)

Simple Digital, although great at driving customers to the door, is even better with WiFi marketing. We provide business owners with valuable insights to customer data in real-time. A cafe, for example, could see who in their store is celebrating their birthday (quietly) and immediately send them a e-gift; a bar can see and understand the male-to-female ratio and perhaps market towards the lesser visiting gender. Simple Digital doesn’t stop when the customer clicks on your website for directions, we see it through till they’ve visited and made purchases. We don’t make an educated guess off of what Google Analytics tells us; we actually give you the info that matters most.

This data is valuable and (thankfully) we’ve made it affordable! Can other agencies do that? (Trust us, they can’t.)

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